Mixed Snacks Box

1000 item(s)

• Tobi Honey Roasted Peanuts
• 2 packs of Chips Ahoy
• Choco Oreo
• Ritz 
• 2 Packs of Oreo Chocolate Cookies
• Choco Crunches
• Snack Packs
• Fita Biscuits
• Butter Biscuits

Substitution Policy:
- Substitutions may be necessary to ensure your arrangement or specialty gift is delivered in a timely manner. The utmost care and attention is given to your order to ensure that it is as similar as possible to the requested item. Specialty gifts may be substituted with another specialty gift of equal or greater value and of similar theme and category in case the requested product is not available.

Please note: Basket design may vary.

Please Note: Item subject to availability. The exact brands of products are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the availability on Market & the location of delivery. 

Please Note: In Case of Unavailability, the ordered items will be replaced with another available equal value items.

Substitution Policy: To arrange and deliver your order at the day requested, the arrangement you ordered may require substitutions. Any substitutions made are equal or more in value and will be as similar to the requested item/arrangement as possible. Item/Arrangement(s) may be substituted without prior notice, if necessary.

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